The Oscars 2013


So I guess my blog’s become some sort of pop culture, media recap center. No matter, we shall continue on with what I’ve been up to… and that, would be watching The Oscars with some friends tonight! The following post will make much more sense to you if you’ve already watched The Oscars, otherwise, it’ll read like a collection of nonsense thoughts and you’ll feel like you just walked into a conversation where people are only referencing inside jokes. You have been warned.

This year, The Oscars’ red carpet show was hosted by none other than the amazing Kristin Chenoweth. Stick with this blog long enough, and you’ll realize just how in love with her I really am. Not the best interviewer out there, but she is so personable with all of the people on the carpet, you can’t help but smile. She seems to be such a social butterfly, and it’s as if she’s friends with everyone there, and if not, she’s making friends! I think she also set a record for number of short jokes made in an hour…

Most of the celebrities looked AMAZING. Shout outs to Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristin Chenoweth, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. On the other hand, I wonder if Halle Berry is bringing back shoulder pads… and even though I love Anne Hathaway, (her Oscar win tonight was so deserving, rewatching her little clip during “I Dreamed A Dream” made me breathless) her dress was a little nippy for me. Did anyone else notice that? I feel like dresses with bodices cut from triangles, resulting in cone-bras was a theme tonight. Not many others stood out to me.

– opening by Seth MacFarlane was pretty great. The song and dance numbers were great, especially the boob song! He wasn’t too crass, gave jabs where they were warranted, *coughchrisandrihannacough*, and nods where they were deserved (Tina and Amy!).
– the dance numbers during the opening were great too! Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron’s dance was really good!
– Melissa McCarthy is too funny! Her delivery is awesome.
– Playing them off with the Jaws theme? Brilliant!
– the movie musicals feature… *swoon* it’s like they knew I was watching. Holy crap, JHud brought it tonight! For another amazing performance of that song from Dream Girls, click here.
– Les Misérables. ❤ I love choruses!!!!!!! Russell Crowe, get out of here. I am way too biased towards this musical.
– hahaha Seth’s own jab at Ted “… mine get pissed on by hobos.”
– “They’re gone!” That Sound of Music reference was hilarious!
– yessssss Anne Hathaway winnnnssss!!!!!
– Kristen Stewart is actually groaning and standing there like she’d rather be anywhere else…
– Adele was super adorable receiving her award
– as was Jennifer Lawrence! Damn… she tripped? I missed that part.
– yay Meryl Streep! But holy crap she presented that award abruptly.
– Daniel Day-Lewis’ acceptance speech was one of the best tonight!
– the perfect way to close anything: Kristin Chenoweth. An ode to the losers! They’re all such good sports.

So there you have it. Arguably the biggest awards show of the year has come and gone. I can’t say that any of the winners really surprised me, but I really must get better at watching Oscar nominated movies before the Oscars. You’d think that with me dating someone who works at a movie theatre, I wouldn’t have trouble seeing all the films, but finding time is proving to be pretty difficult. Well, I’ll try again for 2014. Didn’t do toooo badly.. got 11/24 right on my ballot.

I give Seth MacFarlane a B+ on his hosting. =] He’s no Ellen, but him being a musicals kind of guy definitely helped him in my books.

What are your thoughts on the awards show this evening? What do you think of my thoughts? As always, thank you for reading.


Sony Playstation’s Live Event – Live Blog


Hey there! I will be writing my thoughts below, in point form, as I watch Playstation’s live event. Lag issues will account for several holes in my recap. Will the Playstation 4 be announced? New prices? Games? Hardware? Hopefully some of those questions will be answered by the end of the night!

Here we go!
– lots of talk about how Playstation is the best, has the most powerful hardware, how Sony knows what a gamer wants
– there it is, Playstation 4 announcement!
– the specs are pretty similar to a PCPS4 controller
– reveal of the controller! That colour bar idea to identify players on the console is quite fitting of Sony, the headphone plug is nice (finally…) and the touch pad is like the Vita. Thank god it’s not a tablet controller. I wouldn’t say it’s the ugliest or the most beautiful thing, but maybe it’ll grow on me.
– that million particle demo of the CPU/GPU capabilities was cool
– live streaming and over the shoulder guides or trash talking… seems like it could be super annoying.
– actual remote play between ps4 and psvita? Expensive… But wicked!
– Stig Asmussen! Good things to come from him =]
– Finally! Games!
– Killzone: Shadow Fall… Do people still get excited over FPSs?
– Drive Club… My friend tells me this idea is already available in Forza… So it hasn’t been to innovative..
– whoa… This is suddenly really political. What issss thisssss? New Sucker Punch game?? Exclusive? A blood tornado? …Infamous: Second Son. Damn, I thought it was Watch Dogs.
– awkward dude in weird shirt! Intro is way too long. Let’s see the trailer!
– oooo pretty… A puzzle game? I’m good at puzzle games! But uh… Flow Free in HD much? Interesting, called Witness
– did he just say QUANTIC DREAM??? ❤
– that’s it? Just a tech demo? </3
– Media Molecule! This should be good.. … The Move..? Okay… Omg… This is so cute. Move controlled avatars dancing in sync. But… How is this gaming?
– Capcom! lol did he just make fun of The Move?
– Capcom’s newest game: working title is Deep Down… Skyrim lookalike? That video didn’t make much sense.
– Square!!! ❤
– not a game but a cinematic real time PS4 demo? *sigh… Okay. Product placement for coke? Ooooo dragon…
– Final Fantasy director… O_O new FF at E3…
– Ubisoft now. Watch Dogs? Yea… called it! This dude is really weird and creepy.. Let’s see how the live demo goes..
– wicked… But looks so complicated
– Blizzard?!?! Diablo 3 on Playstation..? I think everyone who’d play it already own it. =/
– Activision’s turn: with Bungie? Destiny? Yup. Innovational? We shall see… my buddy called it “Halo with phones” lol. he’s not impressed at all
– I feel like the PS4 release will be soon
– hopefully they show us the console before they wrap up
– nope, no console look. I guess they have to leave some things for E3.

Post event thoughts
Well, the event did showcase a lot of different aspects of the new tech. Some stuff that’s worth caring about, lots that’s not. The most important part, the games, were a little bit of a let down for me personally. A lot of the developers that I cared about didn’t have much to show. Most of it were tech demos to show possibilities, but not what the end product will be like by any stretch. Square Enix, Quantic Dream, please give me things to squee over at E3?

Final Verdict
I would not get one. At least not until a substantial price drop… I’m sure some really good first party support and stellar games from Square and Quantic Dream may change my mind a couple years down the road, but right now… I really want a Wii U.

What did you think of the event? Post your own opinions below.