A monthly reminder? Let’s make it bi-weekly…

Got an email this morning from WordPress. At first I thought it was one of those generic ad emails telling me that a bunch of stuff was happening on my reader and that there were promoted posts by the people I follow. Upon closer inspection, it was an email reminding me to make a post because I had asked it to, hoping it would motivate me to write more. (it’s working, good job, old-me)

I wonder if this means I’m going to get a reminder at the end of every month to write something… If so, it will be very easy to think of what to write. Hint: they may just be recaps of big things that have happened to me over the course of the month and finishing off with hopeful thoughts for the next. But that’s kind of a cop out. Check it out, over 100 words in and I’ve said nothing of importance. Why can’t I transfer this skill over to essay writing?! Nope, there’s no better time to write an essay than the night before it’s due… *ahem… or you know… a week after the fact.

To be completely honest, I have a couple of blog ideas floating around in my head. I think I may buy a journal and use it to jot down thoughts and ideas as they come to me. I will try to write down, literally (ha. word puns), everything that comes to mind. That in itself could be a good blog… showing you the weird shit I think of. Anyway, you will know the topics of the posts as I write them. No use telling you what they are if I don’t even get around to it… I’m unreliable that way. Or maybe I’ll up my post reminder… perhaps once a week? or twice a month? We’ll see. Once a month seems a little sparse, especially since I’m trying to expand my online portfolio. I have aspirations , people!

Ugh, now I’m really upset I don’t have a journal to write these ideas in RIGHT MEOW.

EDIT: I am already super late for my weekly post, I will go back in time and change things so that I can be on time for a BI-weekly post! Oh, how appropriate… =b Anyway, the post will be right on time for Valentine’s Day. I’m so ready for Reading Week…


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