I enjoy the smell of fresh linens

I was completely set on going to class this morning… a clear indication that I set myself up for failure. Tuesday is the most important day of class I have. It’s only one class, but it’s a two-hour class so there is so much that I’m missing by not being there. It starts at 10:30, which, by my current standards, isn’t even that late. My sleep schedule has been normalized, it’s just that I close at work every Monday and I usually don’t get home until 1:30, sometimes even later. By the time I’ve gone through my little routine and my head hits the pillow, I’m pushing 3. There was supposed to be a supervisor meeting this morning too, something I relied on to get me to campus so that there’d be no doubt I could make it to class. No meeting, no class. Saving grace is that my prof will upload the slides online and all I have to do is read the accompanying readings in the primary sources textbook. Will I do that? Let’s be honest.

Instead, I guess I’ll take a personal day. There is a pile of laundry that needs doing, and my eyelids are still so heavy as I’m sitting here writing this after 12. I can’t even say it’s morning, it’s the afternoon. Who knows, there’re still a lot of hours in the day, I can still turn today into a productive one. I’m working on getting my personal life a little bit together and perhaps at this point in my life, the motto that suits me best is: make the most of it. I want to be the person that isn’t put off by little set backs and to have them just roll off my shoulder. Eventually though, I’d like to be an opportunist. That would be the next level. I know that making the most of something and being an opportunist sound really similar, but I think there’s something a little sad about someone who can only ever make the most of something. It’s like something is always going wrong. I haven’t had the greatest start to 2014 (destroying my ankle and my computer, among other things), so that makes sense for me. Whereas being an opportunist, you’re always looking for something to take advantage of. You’re always on the up and up!

I’ve got a long way to go though and I’m going to start today by finishing my laundry and going to get myself a cup of coffee.


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