My birthday weekend

I turned 24 on Sunday! 24 on the 24th, so that means I just celebrated my champagne birthday. I didn’t have any champagne though. It was a really nice weekend, and I got to do almost everything that I had planned.

On Friday morning, Heather came over and took me to the mall to pick up my Zelda bundled 3DSXL which I had preordered. If you’re friends with Heather on facebook, here is a video of me unboxing it. Came home and made her some lunch before I spent the whole day with it while she was at class.

Mine! All mine!

Sarah and I made a quiche for lunch, I played with the 3DS some more before the house and a couple of friends of mine and I went to Beertown for dinner. What an awesome selection of beers! Definitely want to go back another day. Had a couple more friends come over later in the evening for more drinking and debauchery. Jordan and I went undefeated for the evening with a couple rounds of beer pong. Such comebacks!

The next morning, I packed some things to spend the next two days at Heather’s. Ben and I spent the day watching Doctor Who related things and cleaning the house to prepare for some guests that were coming over later. The 50th Anniversary Doctor Who episode was being recorded on their PVR, so we had time to wait for guests to come. After dinner, we all changed into our costumes (I cosplayed as Tosh from Torchwood!) and waited for the rest of the guests to arrive. Before the show, we had some chocolate birthday cake which Heather decorated with a triforce and master sword. Oh man, what an episode it was. I had a couple of issues with it, but on the whole, it was a really enjoyable episode to watch. It definitely needs a couple of rewatches in the near future as well! The snow really started to come down as people were leaving the party too, which made for people to leave a little earlier to avoid bad driving conditions.

Doctor Who group shot

I say “YES!” to the cosplay parties!

The Sunday was my birthday and I awoke to some good morning kisses on the forehead *^^* I came downstairs and saw that the snow was still coming down really hard. By the time it stopped, a couple of hours later, London had received nearly 3 feet of snow. We really live in the snowbelt, because anywhere outside of an hour’s drive from us got literally none. Ben, his mom, his uncle and I played a game of scrabble while Heather busied herself with snow shoveling. She even shoveled her neighbour’s driveway too! She came in, we had some lunch, watched more Doctor Who specials and then everybody took a 3 hour nap. We woke up around 8 and had dinner. Heather and I were supposed to catch Thor and Catching Fire at the theatre, but the snow made that impossible. Oh well, hopefully I get to watch them relatively soon… I can’t put off that episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. much longer… >_>

So yea, that’s how I spent my birthday: relatively low key and with lots of naps and time with Heather, just the way I’d hoped to. To quote Heather, “we’re really turning into a couple of old farts.” Or something to that effect..