A scatterbrained post about the Olympics

I promised, over two weeks ago, to make blog posts every week, and then I went back and edited that post to say that I would make bi-weekly updates and I’m STILL late! Perhaps my girlfriend sums me up best: “Why do you always make promises to set yourself up for failure?” If you know me, you know I’m really good at procrastinating, like scary good. So the fact that this post is even happening makes me happy. 

Team Canada entering Opening Ceremonies – Sochi 2014

I’ve been watching a lot of Olympics Coverage over the past week and being at Heather’s place for reading week is extra nice because she has access to cable. Though it’s not too big of a factor, Olympics coverage on cbc.ca has gotten progressively better and better, to the point where I think it’s made TV coverage obsolete. You don’t need to watch anything online on a set schedule, and it’s there when you want to watch it and you get to pick the points to watch or skip. Seriously, I wonder how much longer it’ll be until internet coverage becomes the staple. The fact that we’re still watching shows on someone else’s schedule is crazy.

Curling has been ruining my sleep schedule. Our teams are so good! The women’s team just became the first ever women’s curling team to come out of the round robin undefeated – Go Team Jones! Our hockey teams are also doing really well (obviously). We’re doing well in skating too, unfortunate that Yuzuru Hanyu exists… was hoping Patrick would win gold, he’s such an explosive skater – he’s either the bomb or he’s bombing, and he was the bomb this time! But that silver is more than deserved. Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue were robbed in the Ice Dancing though. ugh. It’s so unfair that something so subjective is left to a judging panel at the Olympic level. At least structure it in such a way that removes personal bias! The American’s free skate was arguably better, but the short program? No way, the Canadians were better, I didn’t understand how they were behind by as much as two points after the short program. 

Many people have called for a boycott of the Sochi games because of the human rights violations that have surfaced over the recent years especially concerning LGBT rights and the “Gay Propaganda Ban Bill” that passed recently. One of the athletes said it best, that boycotting the games would be a disservice to the countless athletes that have dedicated their lives to their sport. Being gay, straight, bi, queer, or anything under the LGBT umbrella is intrinsically part of who they are, but it is their excellence in sport that they have chosen to excel at. The IOC preaches that they support all aspects of fair competition and human integrity, but their failure of changing venues for the competition has made their stance clear. Some would even say that the committee itself is corrupt. Boycotting these games is not a good way of protesting Russia. I’m not saying that there is a ‘correct’ way, per se, of protesting these human rights violations, but personally, I don’t believe the Olympics are a platform for discussing these matters. 

Besides, we’re Canadians, we practically own the winter games! AND we’re awesome while we’re doing it. 
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